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It's Got To Be Now
Hailing from Boston, MA, pop/rock outfit Aloud blends throaty lead vocals with spine-tingling male/female harmonies accompanied by infectious grooves and hard-hitting riffs. Get the 12" vinyl HERE! With a classic FM sound, super-tight performances and rock-solid songwriting, Aloud reminds you that rock and roll is supposed to be fun... lots of fun." - Rust Magazine

Kris Gruen
How Long
Will I Wait
Gruen's latest single emotes the longing for someone who's been away for some time, someone who's presence is of dear providence and comfort. A song about missing someone with a child's innocence, and needing them home. See the video HERE. [more]

Jon DeRosa
Signs of Life
“Though ‘Signs of Life’ channels the yearning of Roy Orbison and moodiness of Scott Walker, hints of Danzig’s dark specter can also be heard in DeRosa’s somber baritone.” - The Believer
[Buy on iTunes]

Kris Gruen
New Comics From The Wooded World
New Comics From The Wooded World finds Kris Gruen’s voice seasoned, soaring, and at the height of his craft. The spacious, textured production combines the sweeping sounds of classic rock and the intimacy of a Nick Drake midnight session. [more]

Cold Blood Club
‘Down’ is a dark, disco-rock duet about chaos, madness, and young love. Recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studios in Brooklyn, the song builds from an opening salvo of bass, drums, and spidery guitars into a dramatic wall of sound that by its end pitches violins against synths, tambourines against drum pads, organic against inorganic, calm against fury. Singers Kendra Jones and Tom Stuart wage a verbal firefight, trading back and forth cutting verses about fidelity, rage, and joy. Get it on itunes. [more]





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